Smart Live Casino – Review for Canadian players

Smart Live Casino has been able to adapt the live online dealer format. The casino is operated out of the UK and provides its players with an impressive online site that is used on a computer and on mobile devices. This makes smart live casino a cutting age casino that can be transported anywhere by the use of a tablet or a phone. Many users were able to enjoy the portability of this site. Users can download it onto a mobile device from the app store they use to purchase apps. It has the true meaning of gambling on the go!

Smart Live Casino

Another feature of Smart Live Casino is that the live feed is on specific channels that are cemented in the UK and a number of other European countries. This allows for additional users to phone in a bet by watching the events of the table unfold on the television. Players in the UK and additional countries in Europe can use the telephone in bet from the TV option. Should you use the web option to access this site the site is straightforward to use. Games online are in the traditional Java and Flash format which enables gamblers to have a clear screen and ease in using the site. The website itself is laid out in a way that allows the gambler to access the live dealers with an uncomplicated format.

The website does have live dealers, but the live dealers are not consistently streaming at the tables. There is a list of streaming times on the website. When the website is streaming live they do have a live dealer from the smart live casino studio. This does help foster a casino environment for those watching online or at home through the television. The site offers the games, blackjack, roulette and baccarat through the online live dealer. The computerized forum has the traditional games that can be found on gambling websites which are poker, slots, Texas hold’em, craps, keno and bingo.

The website is a perfect site to appeal to all ages. It can appeal to older players that would feel more comfortable using the telephone and television to make a bet. Other players will be able to benefit and use the mobility of the site on their mobile devices. Smart Live Casino has something for everyone.

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