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While casino table games like Roulette, Baccarat or Black Jack traditionally have been patronized by wealthy punters, slot machines were primarily the domain of the less well-monetized. But slots have come a long way since those early days thanks to increasingly sophisticated video graphics. Modern slots are no longer relatively simple machines with a few mechanically spinning wheels, but are instead slick computers deploying digital technology. This not only allows for very attractive, often animated graphics but also the integration of a lot more features like various free spin functions, bonus rounds and extra gamble and betting options. You can also play many slot games for free on our site.

You can find all your favorite slots at these highly recommended online casinos:

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The next milestone for slot machines was the advent of the Internet. More and more online casinos drew in a much farther-reaching gambler community than land-based casinos and gaming halls ever could. This in turn enabled them to lower their minimum bets and at the same time offer ever larger winnings and tremendous jackpots, frequently reaching into the tens of thousands of dollars. Slot machines have thus evolved from the poor man’s way to kill a little free time and earn a few bucks to a fun-filled opportunity of striking it rich, appealing to an extremely broad demographic.

Modern video slots in online casinos deploy sophisticated gambling system configurations, yet are easy to comprehend and accessible around the clock. While some casinos may require the player to download and install a custom-developed platform on which their games run, more and more slots can nowadays be played directly in the browser. Unlike in land-based casinos, online players won’t have to wait until their preferred slot machine becomes available, but can in fact jump between any slots at their pleasure while trying their luck from the comfort of their own home. This of course never lets the experience become stale and provides hours over hours of excitement. Particularly popular are truly Canadian slot games that can also be played in Canadian dollar.

One thing hasn’t changed, though: following the spinning wheels and anxiously waiting for top-paying symbol combinations to come to rest is as adrenaline-inducing and nail-biting as in the good ‘ole gambling hall days. Well-designed video slot machines even emulate that enticing clanking of coins falling into the payout tray. Yet nobody will have to go home carrying a bagful of quarters as all winnings are duly transferred to a player’s account and can be cashed out through various payout options (bank transfer, online check, etc.) at any time.

Whether or not winnings occur is invariably determined by an impartial and non-corruptible random number (or symbol) generator, eliminating mechanical flaws and human manipulation altogether. Many online casinos nowadays even offer newcomers free play mode. That way the players can check out their chosen slot machines first to familiarize themselves with the respective game play rules and test their personal betting strategies before risking real money. That also is a policy that generally isn’t available in traditional land-based casinos and gambling halls, where betting hard cash from the start is inevitable.

Because online video slots invariably enjoy very large numbers of frequent players, the operating casinos can afford to set minimum bets at extremely low amounts, more often than not starting at just a couple of cents. Depending on one’s strategy, those bets can be adjusted in increments as the game progresses and earned winnings grow, effectively keeping the risk at a manageable level. With all those advantages speaking in favor of online slot machines, it is no wonder that they have garnered such a comprehensive and consistent fan following, helping countless punters on the road to considerable wealth.

Here are some recommended online slot games:

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