Roulette casinos for Canadian players

There perhaps exists no sound more characteristic for a casino than the typical clickety-click of a rolling roulette ball. The noise conjures up visions of black tie-attired gentlemen and women in elegant evening dresses crowding around the gambling tables in a posh Old World casino, while a mysterious James Bond type’s hanging out at the house bar, sipping Vodka Martini (shaken, of course, not stirred). But nowadays you don’t have to undertake a trip to Monte Carlo, Baden-Baden or even Las Vegas to soak in this atmosphere, as online casinos are readily available from the comfort of your own home. Most of them offer roulette as part of their overall game line-up, but there are a handful of others that may specialize in roulette exclusively. We also would like to mention that there are casinos specializing in Live Roulette.

Here are the best Roulette Casinos:

Maple Casino Maple Casino Superb Allround Casino!
This Way to Maple Casino
Noble Casino Great operator for Canadian players!
Noble Casino Noble Casino Superb Allround Casino!
Platinum Play Casino Platinum Play Casino Top Allround Casino!
This Way to Platinum Play Casino
Royal Vegas Casino Royal Vegas Casino Great for Table Games!
This Way to Royal Vegas Casino

Bets are placed, the wheel is spun and winnings paid out according to European, French or American rules, depending on the casino. Modern video and CG technology are generally doing a great job in rendering the betting table and roulette wheel very convincingly. Add to this sound effects like that familiar clickety-click of the ball as it comes to rest on the winning number and often even the voice of a virtual dealer calling out the results and it creates an almost life-like atmosphere. Over this thoroughly enjoyable (and lucrative, as you’re cashing out your winnings!) experience, you’ll soon forget that you’re in fact interacting with a cleverly designed machine. Winning numbers are of course determined by a meticulously calibrated random number generator that in reputable online casinos ensures uncompromising fairness in terms of win vs. loose ratio.

However, it is important that you make a clear distinction between fully-automated roulette games and roulette games at live casinos. Ever more sophisticated Internet technology has also brought on the latter. Here, you’re watching via a web cam a real-life casino room where a real-life dealer is spinning the roulette wheel manually. While bets are still placed on a virtual roulette table interface, the rest of the proceeding couldn’t get any more authentic. It’s generally even possible to communicate with the dealer through text messaging or even mic. Quite a few punters prefer live roulette rooms over their fully-automated counterparts, because it creates an experience that truly is just one step away from physically visiting one of the grand casinos out there in the wide world (although in fact you haven’t budged an inch from your comfy chair).

But whether you’re choosing a computer-generated roulette game or a roulette table in a live casino, you’re always ensured of a great time as it doesn’t really matter if your adrenaline rush is brought on by watching a virtual roulette ball slowly clicking to a halt or the real thing put into motion by a handsome real-life dealer or pretty dealerette. In any case, online casinos do have quite a few advantages over their land-based kin: no traveling time, no need to take along wads of cash, no lengthy waiting for a seat to become available at the desired table, etc. Instead, you lodge in your chair at home, playing away; perhaps even while sipping a Vodka Martini.

To assist you in your decision which roulette table to work for a few stimulating hours, here are our recommendations of both fully-automated as well as live roulette casinos.

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