Live Craps in Online Casinos with real Live Dealers

A game of craps is a classic game of rolling dice to make sure that your numbers are the winning numbers. Craps is known to be a less traditional game played that can be played in a casino or it can be played at a casino or at a party. In a traditional casino all of the players stand around the table yelling and sharing your excitement. In the comfort of your home by using an online live casino a player is able to get the feeling of the dice rolling and hitting their number from the help of the live feed!

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Craps is a game of dice where the player in the game is betting against the casino, or also known as the house. The players of craps will share turns in shooting the dice in a designated table. The table will have a Pass and No pass line for additional players to make their bets. The non shooting players are given the options on how to bet according to how the shooter will roll. Craps is played in multiple rounds of pass and don’t pass rounds. The player shooting will complete the round, or if the player shoots a 7 the player is done shooting for that round. While each casino has its own buy in the fascination with craps is that it is a game in which the entire table is involved in the game.

Playing Craps can be a more exciting game for a group of people. Should you not like the competitive factors of the game of craps inside the casino a game from your own computer is perfect for you! In the past many have enjoyed craps from a generated computer. With the ever growing technology many casinos are offering the use of live feeds to place bets. This alleviates the need for waiting for a table to roll, or place your bets. An online live feed into a table has a dealer that is trained for playing games online. Inside the comfort of your home or the location you choose you can get the feeling of being in a casino, without being in a casino. The live feed has the feel and stimulation of playing an active game of craps without driving anywhere near a casino! For those that would like to get in a game of craps, online playing is for you!

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