Craps Online

Craps is often considered to be one of the most glamorous games in the casino, both in Canada and around the world. It regularly appears in casino scenes in movies and on television, often with high rolling players surrounded my all manner of colourful characters as they roll the dice and, usually in fiction, win vast sums of cash! In the same way that blackjack often represents a subtle feud in such genres, craps epitomises excitement and the real high roller lifestyle.

craps onlineNaturally, online craps cannot quite capture the glitz of the bright lights of Vegas, but in gameplay terms is incredibly faithful to the real thing. Players place their bets wherever they feel like on the board, in much the same way as roulette and attempt to get paid out without hitting the dreaded unlucky seven. The gameplay itself is easy to pick up, even for new players, and online casinos are the perfect place to get started. After all, games like blackjack and roulette are fairly simple and can be picked up as the player goes along, but the rules of craps are relatively complex and playing in a land based casino for the first time can often be somewhat intimidating. Online players can have a craps table all to themselves, with any guides or instructions that they feel will come in handy open alongside the table.

Different online casino software providers have put varying efforts into adapting craps for online play. Each of our recommended online casinos for Canadian players will at least offer the most traditional form of craps, so players looking for that will not be disappointed no matter where they choose to play. As with many table games, online play has added a new dimension to the game, meaning that players in Canada can experience bank craps, for example, which previously would have required a trip to Vegas to enjoy. Players will find all sorts of variations, although we would recommend becoming familiar with the main game first as it makes the other types much easier to get used to.

Each of the online casinos that we recommend to our readers are independently tested and verified for fairness, ensuring that Canadian players have an excellent experience in the knowledge that it is only their luck and strategy determining how the dice fall. Players can of course take advantage of all manner of bonuses at the craps table and sample a range of other leading table games.

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