Celtic Casino – A real Live Dealer Casino

Celtic Casino is a live online casino that offers a number of games and provides a live dealer. The website is easily launched and navigated. The user is able to find the games that they would like to take part in and play them with the dealer assigned to the table. All dealers are trained in the particular game and being an online dealer for the game specifically. Live dealers offer a casino atmosphere via the computer screen that is hard to match. This can help those inexperienced gamblers feel the stimulation of a casino without the anxiety of making mistakes in front of others. A live dealer via computer also offers those expert players the chance to hone their skills without any travel time to the casino.

Celtic Casino

Celtic Casino also offers a fun mode, which allows the user to play the games for free without paying to register for an account. This is another delightful aspect of Celtic Casino for a new player. It affords the opportunity to play a hand without paying, which gives you the security of making a few errors so that you are able to understand how the online live game system works. Celtic casino is also unique because it offers lower pay in rates than other online live casinos. Once again this allows new users to not only become familiar with the site and feel free to make mistakes. This also allows users to feel free to play games they may not normally engage in due to the high risk.

Another additional benefit of Celtic casino is that they have a number of games to play, but the blackjack and baccarat games have an early payout. This makes it easier and more likely to be a regular winner when playing these games. The developers also included a 50% cash back bonus on the site if you lose money the first week of play. This does only apply to first week however, so any loss beyond that week does not have the same bonus of money return. However, the payout for these particular games does remain very high.

Celtic Casino offers high incentives for playing from home. A live dealer, with a secure feed offers you the comfortable atmosphere of your own home while still being able to gamble. Celtic Casino is a new and worthy online casino.

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