Online Blackjack – The Most Popular Table Game in Canadian Online Casinos

Blackjack is the seminal casino classic, and is what will come to the mind of most people across Canada whether they have set foot in an online casino or not. The simple practice of receiving two cards and making crucial decisions to beat the house is one of the most time honoured forms of gambling and online casinos have taken it to a whole new level, making them the perfect place for new and experienced players to test and hone their skills.

online blackjackThe various benefits of online play naturally apply to blackjack too, including no need to wait for a seat at a table and a huge variety of table limits. Queuing for a table spot is particularly common on blackjack in land based casinos, as these tables are usually the first port of call for all types of players. Online casino players in Canada have the benefit of launching their own private table at any time of the day or night and getting on with their game of choice.

Inexperienced players may well wonder what online casino operators can bring to the table in terms of diversity when it comes to online blackjack, as at first glance there is little that can be done to change the process of making 21 without going bust. However, the innovative minds behind each of the major online casino software providers have drawn inspiration from different games around the world to offer literally dozens of variations on the original gameplay. These range from the simple, whereby players can back more than one hand at a single table, to the more complex. Common variations include blackjack switch, where players have more choice over which cards make up their hand, and progressive blackjack where parts of the house’s takings are contributed to a prize pool, much like slots. When a player is lucky enough to find themselves with the designated rare hand combination, they scoop the lot regardless of how the hand itself plays out.

Other, simpler variations include side bets, where the game proceeds as normal but players are given odds on certain occurrences, such as being dealt a pair or an ace. Again, if whatever they back does indeed happen then they are paid out on their side bet, regardless of whether their hand beats the dealer’s.

As with many of the most popular table games, online blackjack has revolutionised the game to a great extent and our recommended online casinos offer players in Canada the opportunity to try something new to spice up their blackjack play or simply enjoy the traditional game in the comfort of their own home.

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