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How to Enjoy the Best Mobile Casino Gaming Experience in Canada

Even the most experienced online casino players in Canada who swear by their desktop computer for all of their online gambling needs are rapidly coming round to the fact that mobile casinos are starting to offer an even more convenient and just as enjoyable experience as the larger versions. Software providers are putting unprecedented resources in to the development of new titles that take advantage of all of the latest hardware releases and the roll out of faster and faster mobile internet connectivity. Many players choose to make the move to mobile using the same brand as their online play where available, but there are a number of handy hints and tips that are independent of the brand that can make mobile casino play all the more enjoyable. Here are our top three recommendations for getting the best mobile casino experience in Canada, regardless of your casino of choice.

Mobile CasinosPick the Right Smartphone or Tablet

Canada is one of the world’s leading nations when it comes to the adoption of smartphones for a whole range of uses, and so it is no exaggeration to say that the chances are that you, the reader, already have the ideal device for enjoying casino games on the move. It is important, however, to look out for the fact that while the term smartphone covers all manner of devices, some of the older ones that bear such a tag are not ideal for mobile casino gaming. For a phone to be ‘smart’, it does not necessarily need to support HTML5 or 3G wireless internet connectivity, but both are extremely important for the best gaming experience. The former is the scripting language that all of the big names are using to deliver mobile web based gaming content, while the latter ensures that players can enjoy fluid gameplay as data is exchanged between the handset and the gaming server.

As a general rule of thumb, the newer the device the better. The nature of mobile retail means that older devices are often dropped from stores altogether after a certain period or when they are superseded by newer models of the same device. It may well be worth spending the extra few dollars on a better model as they will be equipped for the rigours of modern mobile gaming. Just a few of the hardware factors to look out for are support for HTML5 and 3G, as mentioned, plus fast processors for keeping up with the latest mobile graphical masterpieces and also battery life. While not as demanding as true 3D gaming apps, mobile casino games still cause batteries to drain relatively quickly due to regular internet use and graphic rendering. No player wants to be on the verge of a huge win and have their device switch itself off, so look for a model capable of keeping going for a whole day at least under moderate to heavy usage.

Pick a Contract that Suits Your Mobile Gaming Habits

There are over 27 million mobile subscribers in Canada and, somewhat unusually, the top three providers have virtually equal market share in the country. Bell, Telus and Rogers each cater for approximately 28% of the market, leaving the likes of Fido and SaskTel trailing in their wake on a national level – although some of the smaller providers do of course cater for niche markets. Fortunately, that entire top three offers high speed mobile internet connectivity and each is the ideal choice for a mobile contract with mobile casino gaming in mind.

What will set the companies apart when choosing the right contract is often the data package. Assuming all coverage is equal wherever you happen to be in Canada, it comes down to who allows the fewest restrictions on downloads at the cheapest price. The fact of mobile casinos is that even though there are no wires, the symbols on a slot spin or the cards dealt at the blackjack table are all determined on a gaming server. This means that the mobile device must contact the server to gather the information, then send back the player’s actions. The actual amount of data on each hand is tiny, but those who use their smartphone or tablet as their primary gaming device will no doubt go through thousands of hands or spins each month and nobody wants to spend all of their winnings on their mobile bill.

Choose the Most Suitable Mobile Casino for your Play Style

While now is the perfect time to get involved with mobile casino gaming, the fact remains that even some of the biggest casino brands in Canada are still working out their mobile gaming strategies and are somewhat ill equipped for what will be a rapid influx of players, both new and making the transition from online casinos. Some already have first rate mobile casino software in place, but for each of these, there are a number of other brands of equal repute that have not even launched a mobile website. In practice, this means that some of the big hitters in the industry may lose members to competitors who wish to play their favourite casino games on the move.

As one of the best sources of mobile casino reviews in Canada, one of the first names that comes to mind when talking about mobile gaming is All Slots Mobile Casino. We most certainly recommend the brand to mobile players, as they offer everything that players could expect from a fully featured mobile casino. It launched in 2005 and while All Slots themselves have taken some time to actually bring it up to speed, it is now a first class all round experience. It is suitable for all manner of players due to the use of Microgaming’s Spin3 platform, which is suitable for everything from iPhones to iPads and Blackberry handsets to Android smartphones. Even Canadian players that have not yet had the chance to upgrade to a smartphone do not need to miss out on the action as All Slots also offers a classic version of the casino, where games can be downloaded in the form of Java applets.

There could not be a better time to get started with mobile casino gaming, and the tips above will serve to put any Canadian player in the perfect position to enjoy the latest games and technologies. More operators are opening mobile casinos all the time, and you can find All Slots and many others on our dedicated list of mobile casinos, recommended specifically for Canadian players.

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