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Gain an Edge on Slots at Online Casinos by Managing your Budget Wisely

Thousands of players throughout Canada enjoy playing the slots at their favourite online or mobile casino, naturally spurred on by the fact that each and every spin potentially holds the key to a massive cash windfall. As with any form of gambling, the allure comes from the fact that people simply love to start out with a certain amount of money, have some fun and then end up with more money than they started with. While much of the outcome is dictated by luck, there are nonetheless a number of strategies that regular players and even professionals employ to attempt to turn the reels in their favour. However, among each of these ideals is one solitary factor; bankroll management.

bankroll managementOf course, before going into the specifics of applying the strategy to slots play, it is important to get the standard advice out of the way. Player should never gamble more than they can afford to lose, and this embodies itself on the slots by setting a certain amount of cash aside for play. It is possible to win big on the slots, but it is just as likely that the player may lose all of their allocated amount, simply due to the fact that deep down every slot has a house edge that means a certain percentage of their bankroll is due to end up in the casino’s coffers over extended periods.

With that simple truth out of the way, it is time for some more specific techniques to apply to your bankroll management when playing the slots. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about financial responsibility on the slots, and our answers from personal experience to ensure a hopefully profitable outcome.

How Long Should a Slots Session Be?

The answer to this question varies depending on how and where the player is playing. At online casinos it could be any length of time, with some players liking to spend an evening on the slots with others just wanting a few spins over their lunch break. At mobile casinos, this can be much different and is skewed in many ways, such as a few spins on the bus to work or other moments of convenience where only a few spins are possible.

Regardless of how and where the player is playing, when it comes to bankroll management it is important to ensure that the cash available is enough to last for as long as the player wants to play, taking into account likely winning and losing streaks. One of the main considerations among winning players is ensuring that they get value for money over the time spent playing. Lower stakes naturally allow players to play for longer, but wins may be so low that it is highly unlikely that they will reach their target for winning. On the other hand, high stakes in an effort for quick, large rewards may leave the player penniless before they have even got comfortable in their chair.

In terms of planning, players should use their own experience to decide how long a certain amount of cash will last. If a hundred slot spins take half an hour and they usually end up with no less than half of their original cash balance left after such an amount, then they can extrapolate this information into a staking plan to last a certain amount of time. In this particular case, they can be almost certain that they can do 150 spins in half an hour at a bare minimum. Therefore, if they are planning on playing for an hour they should deposit enough cash for 300 spins and, win or lose, will get their hour’s entertainment.

What is the Ideal Outcome from your Slots Session?

This, in many ways, is an easy question to answer. We want to win, preferably the highest jackpot on offer. That is a fair goal by all means, but realistically speaking it will not happen every single time. Instead, players should decide on an amount that they would be happy cashing out and, upon reaching it, should proceed to do so. A problem faced by many players is that they reduce their stakes to such low levels in an effort to extend their gaming time that any regular wins are so insignificant that they barely feel like wins at all. Even during short sessions, the house edge is likely to catch up with the player and so small wins that make it unlikely to reach a target amount never offer a great opportunity to withdraw. Basically, the ideal outcome should be set beforehand alongside the budget. If it is never reached, then the player has only lost their planned amount, and if it is then they have made the profit they wanted and avoided prolonged losing streaks.

How Can I Make my Planned Budget Go Further?

A favoured tactic among the most prolific slots players in Canada is to raise themselves to such a level at their casino of choice that they can avail of some of the best promotions around, usually in the form of cash bonuses. These bonuses still have play through requirements – otherwise it would be better value simply to immediately withdraw the cash. However, by not having to risk their own money, they actually eliminate the house edge and turn the odds on their favour. It can be extremely important for players to choose a casino that does not consider the signup bonus to be the end of promotions, as regular top ups come in very handy, whether in the form of matched deposit bonuses or random additions to their balance.

The specific maths of reducing the edge varies from casino to casino, but as players become more experienced they will immediately know a good deal when they see one.

The above tips are the core to the best slot strategies around, and should serve to make the average Canadian player a winner much more often than when they are a loser. No matter what techniques you choose to employ, keeping bankroll management and planning at the core will almost always make for a much more enjoyable experience.

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