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Canada’s Love of Gambling Highlighted by New Casino Proposal

Early this year, proposals arose for the building of a brand new complex in downtown Toronto comprising homes, offices and most importantly for our readers, a brand new super casino. While the actual plans themselves are yet to leave the drawing board, the fact that building such a structure in a prime location in Toronto is seen as viable is evidence that Canada is still taking land based gambling extremely seriously even in the face of huge growth in online betting.

As with most countries, gambling in Canada comes in a number of different forms, with people participating regularly in state run lotteries, visiting casinos, betting on sports and carrying out all manner of other activities. However, when all of those numbers are put together, statistics indicate that over 70% of Canadians enjoy regular gambling in some form, and that is of course a huge market in which the best known operators can carve out a decent market share.

While Canada itself does not boast a gambling “district” such as Las Vegas, it has long been home to some of the world’s best casino brands, with more than sixty around the country. While this proposed new development in Toronto will only serve to increase the number by one, it is planned to be one of the largest casino experiences in the country, perfect for one of the busiest cities in the world.

The fact that there are sixty land based casinos in the country also highlight the importance of online gambling in the area. In a country that is as large as Canada, sixty casinos cannot hope to cover the entire population between them. This is of course something that is not restricted to Canada, as casino operators always go for the areas where they can achieve the biggest footfall and attract the wealthiest clientele, which is what makes cities such as Toronto so popular.

Those that are unfortunate enough not to be located within easy reach of land based casinos do of course have options, whether they prefer to play online or on their mobile. Canada’s online gambling laws can best be described as something of a grey area, although this does not put off fans of casino games in the slightest as there are no records of online casino players ever being prosecuted in the country. Much the same as Australia, law enforcement prefers to go after the operators of such services rather than the end users, and this is good enough for the majority of players to be willing to enjoy online gambling to its fullest.

Somewhat surprisingly, and in spite of the laws surrounding online gambling, All Slots Casino and their mobile casino are actually physically located in Canada. They are a huge name on the international scene and offer Canadian players one of the biggest selections of games in the industry. They are one of the first choices for players who cannot reach a land based casino, or simply prefer the flexibility and comfort of playing at home or on the move.

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