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Bear themed Slot Games online

People have different interests that they love to see when they go into online casinos to enjoy slot machine games. If you are a fan of cuddly bears you would not want to miss “Alpine Picnic”. This game will allow you to fulfill you obsession with bears by letting you interact with those cuddly cute bears, hang out in the park ranger, and picnic with other friends. This bear themed online slot game gives you 25 pay lines along with 5 reels. These games come fully features with all best of cutting edge graphics, fun music, and countless winning combinations that lead to extremely high payouts all while having the time of your life.

Bonus Bears Slot

You will encounter interesting symbols when playing bear games like the Bear wild symbol, a skunk, a Beehive scatter symbol, numbers, face cards, a park ranger, and numerous letters. Amongst all the bear theme based games “Bonus Bear” is one of the most famous games being played all over the world in countless online casinos. However there are some rules regarding betting on Bonus Bears. It is necessary that you first become aware of these rules before you go ahead with playing the game. This will improve your efficiency and increase your chances of winning more money.

To begin your game of Bonus Bear you first have to choose a value for your coin. The least value that you can assign to your coin is $0.01 and the maximum value that you can assign to your coin is $5. Furthermore you can only make a maximum bet using ten coins for each line. When playing Bonus Bear, the player himself will be acting as the bear in the game. The game will feature trees and a lot of other great graphics. You, as the bear, will have to choose the trees that you want to climb on. Different trees have different cash prizes hidden in them. Climbing up on them will reveal those prizes and you will be awarded that amount.

When playing Bonus Bear you have the potential of winning an amount of anything between $500 to even as much as $250,000. This is a non – progressive multi slot video game that is a real treat for all bear lovers. There is a new feature called the “Honey Bonus” feature. If you hit three beehives together in one reel, this feature will automatically be activated. It will take you to another screen for playing the bonus game. You can climb up trees and reveal different cash prizes in there. You can even win free spins by getting the bear symbol consecutively on 2, 3, and 4 reels. This allows you to win up to 15 reels. And when you are playing these free spins you will be receiving a 3x multiplier on all of your winnings. This is how you can do some serious winning and earn a lot of cash by just having fun in a bear themed online casino.

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