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The new Microgaming Gamble Game

In Canadian Casinos the latest Microgaming Gamble Game has become quite famous. This is a special feature that has been introduced to allow players to take the ability of enhancing their own winnings in their own hands. It also allows them to carry along a zero house edge. However in the end all of these games still are a big gamble because the risk is always there and in case you lose you lose even the payout with which you were making your spins.

When this gamble game feature was first introduced by Microgaming it was only allowed on online slots if the player was willing to wager his or her entire payout that he won on a spin so that he can enjoy this feature. After that the player would be asked to take a guess on the color that the next card dealt with will have. You had to choose between either black or red. Those players who guessed right immediately won a double of their original winning payout. But those unfortunately players who guessed wrong ended up losing even their original winning payout. There was a slight variation to this also available in which the player had to guess what the suit of the next card will be. Will it be diamonds, clubs, spades, or hearts? The player who guessed right got a quadrupled payout but the player who guessed wrong had his payout forfeited.

Microgaming - Your Gamble

Just recently Microgaming has introduced a new version to the gamble game called “your gamble”. It was released in the new game called “untamed Bengal tiger“. Like before this feature is purely optional. You can have it activated the same way as before. But until you do not activate it you will always be seeing a message reminding you about this new feature and its availability in case you are interested some time later in the game. The main difference in this upgraded version is the appearance of the feature. The whole layout and display of information will look completely different to you. You will notice that all the rules are now showing on the left hand side panel whereas the buttons for playing the game will be appearing on the bottom of the screen. In the centre of the screen you will see a globe that has a pointer and this is where “your gamble” game will play.

If at any time you want to view your winning amount or your payout, you can view it in the “bat cell”. If at any time you wish to end the “your gamble” gaming feature you can simply click on the “collect cell” button and your entire payout amount will be collected. If you want to halve your bet at any time of the game simply click on the “bank” button and 50% of your payout will be saved into your bank cell. The reason why this upgraded feature is named “your gamble” is because you have the ability to set your own target that can be even up to 20 times the bet amount. It all depends on your own liking.

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