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Online Slots based on Queen Themes

In today’s Canadian Casinos, online slot machines are based on a wide varied of themes, many of which are derived from ancient Queen Mythologies. Along with that they are now coming with more intensive computer graphics and sharp sounds that deliver an amazing interactive online gaming experience to the player. You can find slot machines based on the latest television series, based on legends, based on holiday themes, and even based on ancient Queens like the ever famous Cleopatra. Cleopatra was the Queen of Egypt and till this date she still is the most glamorous queens to have ever walked the earth. Second to her the Queen of Nile is also fast gaining popularity especially in the world of online slots machines.

If you are looking for a nice Online Canada slot game, you might want to try out the fabulous Cleopatra slot machines. You will surely have a great time playing here. Just keep in mind that the Cleopatra slot machines will have five wheels and will be available in two varieties. The first variety allows you to play with nine play lines whereas the second variety allows you to play with twenty play lines. So before you begin your game make sure that you have your budget set for the game. Always play within the limits of your budget or else you might end up losing more than you came for. Safe playing is always what takes you to the top.

Start by placing your bet and then spinning the reels. On Cleopatra slot machines you are allowed to place bets starting as low as only one cent and going on increasing to as high as the Casino Canada allows you. Most casinos have their own rules on the upper limit so it is best that you first check with the casino rules and make sure that you are fully aware of all of their policies and regulations. When it comes to how many lines to play, again only play as many lines as your budget permits you to.

If you are a huge Cleopatra fan and a fan of the ancient Egypt era, you most certainly will be aware of all the symbols and icons that belong to that era. You will come across scarabs, sphinxes, and several different Cleopatra symbols. You will find these to be bonus symbols. A bonus symbol means that you can get an extra play of 15 rounds on the same bet you made.

If you are lucky enough to land five Cleopatra symbols then you will be winning an amazing 10,000 times your original bet. If you get five scarabs then you get 2,000 for every one bet. If you get five sphinxes then you get 100 against one, for four sphinxes 20 to 1, for three sphinxes 5 to 1, and for two sphinxes 2 to 1. While you are playing, if you land any of the winning combinations while in your 15 rounds of bonus play then your prize will immediately be tripled. At the end of the final round all your bonus prizes will be totaled.

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