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Alien themed online slots

Have you ever noticed that many people love playing games that have the outer space as their theme? In these games, the reels have symbols like planets, spaceships, astronauts etc. The games also involve the most unique being that developers imagine just how it looks without being sure. This is the alien. Two of the best alien themed games would be looked at briefly in this article.

Playtech is one of the software providers that released an alien themed game i.e. Alien Hunter. It is a video slot game. The game has four aliens as its characters on the reels. Among the four aliens, one of them is the wild symbol and offers a jackpot of 10000 coins. The alien symbols begin to pay when two are aligned from left to right. In this game there are three distinct symbols that would lead to bonuses to a player. When three hunter spaceship symbols appear anywhere on the reels, a player is awarded with 25 free spins. The bonus game is activated once the alien egg appears on reel 1&5. When a player collects several eggs, they can be able to find the super egg which would enable them win subsequently. The payouts can also be multiplied if this happens. Skillful players who collect all the eggs can be able to earn 720 coins. A player should be careful not to get the evil egg as this will end the bonus game. Another bonus game can also be activated when three alien hunter symbols appear on an active payline. This could even give a player a 15 seconds chance to catch as many aliens as possible depending on the speed of play.

The aliens are colored depending on their worth i.e. red, blue and the green. The red are the most paying while the green are the least paying. There are those players who lack accurate shooting skills and they are advised to try the software controlled game. This reward prizes at random. The Playtech Dollar Ball Game is also included in this game. Alien Hunter game can be played at any Playtech online Canadian casinos.

Planet Exotica Slot

Microgaming also released the Sneak a Peek series which is titled Planet Exotica. Just as the name suggests the game features five sexy strippers who are performing in a night club called Planet Exotica. In the game each stripper is from a unique planet that is not in our solar system. The strippers are also known to have unique qualities. Other symbols in the game are the bouncer, valet and bartender. The night club Planet Exotica is the wild symbol in the game. The scatter symbol is the smooch. In this environment, the animations are quite eye catching making the players to be more interested in playing the game. When a player selects three scatter symbols the Select A Smooch bonus is activated. Before this, 10 free spins are also awarded with two time multiplayer opportunity. A pink lipstick that appears during the free spins would give the player two times multiplayer opportunity while a green lipstick would give the player three spins.

The most interesting feature of this game is the Sneak A Peak bonus. When the Sneak A Peak logo appears on reel 1 while the strippers appear on reel 5, the bonus feature is activated. The players can select the garments that the strippers can wear from the 12 tiles that are provided. The sexy part is that the stripper gets to remove them if the player matches the garments worn by the stripper. The game can be played at any Microgaming online Canadian slots casinos.

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