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Fishing themed slot games

There are several games that normally portray the activities that we carry out during our free time. For example, there are many individuals who love to fish either off the sea coasts or in inland lakes and rivers. All these activities that we carry out in real life situations are brought to us in form of video slot games in popular online casinos. This is quite interesting as you get to play as though you were there in person.

Software that are used in the making of the games are the main things that bring out the features of the games. One of the software that are used is from the software provider Cryptologic. They bring in a fishing themed game that is called Reel in the Cash. The title of the game basically describes what the game is all about as well as the targets of the players i.e. getting cash. The main figure of the game is Henry. He is a fisherman and he carries out his fishing where the reels are set to be under water. Everything is animated including the fish that swim around. The theme of the game is brought into the picture clearly by using symbols. Several types of fish are also part of the game e.g. marling, crabs, sharks, lures, etc. bonuses in the game are activated when there are three or more symbols near the reels. To begin the game a player can start by selecting a lure from the boxes. This would reveal the multiplayer option and he can go ahead to select the location that he would carry out the fishing. Once the player casts his line the fish that he will catch would reveal the price that is made better by the multiplayer.

Alaskan Fishing slot

Another game that is popular is the Alaskan Fishing. It is a fishing themed game from the Microgaming software provider. This game is more realistic than most of the fishing themed games that you have probably played. We all know that Alaska is one of the places that we can go in order to enjoy fishing. Some of the symbols that are on the reels here are the bear and the eagle. Why do you think they are used in this game? You guessed right- their main food is fish and thus they go hand in hand with the theme of the game. The environment where fishing is to take place is animated and brings in the aspect of beauty into our minds. There are many ways that we can win the Alaskan Fishing game. 243 ways are provided on how we can win the game. Just as any other fishing game the player is given the opportunity to choose where to fish. The payouts depend on the size of the fish that the fisherman catches and the turns that are awarded are five in number. Free spins are also part of the bonuses that are awarded.

Fishing with Buddies is also a fishing themed game that is released by the Playtech software providers. It is a multiplayer video slot game hence the name “fishing with buddies”. Unlike any other fishing game, 5 players could be involved in a single game at the same time. The good thing is that not only each player gets to play his own game individually but can also see other players playing games on his screen. To begin the game, a player has to select a bear as his avatar. There are several symbols that are also used in this game including the crab symbol. When this symbol appears it triggers the Fish a Crab Feature in the game. The bear will have to catch the crab in order to be awarded bonus points. Fishing with Buddies is a two staged game with the first stage involving the players catching the fish and being awarded bonuses instantly. Top three players release the gold fish that they had initially caught and they get more bonuses.

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