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The Gold Standard with a modern twist- Microgaming Baccarat Gold

Microgaming is a popular gaming software provider that continuously innovates its services for new and existing online casinos in Canada. It has recently added its very first baccarat game into the Gold Series table games. Aside from the visual appeal of the games in the Gold Series, the Baccarat Gold from Microgaming adds new features the players will find very interesting and innovative since it was the first time these things were done. These unique features will not only set the Gold Baccarat apart from others but it will also help resuscitate the interest about this game to the new generation of gamers in Canadian online casinos.

The unique Baccarat Gold by Microgaming uses 8 decks with a minimum wage of 5. Players can choose to wager up to 500 credits if they want. Aside from the player and banker bets, the players can also wager on numerous side bets. These bets include the tie bet with a payout of 8:1. There is also the banker and player pair bets with an 11 to 1 payout. The aesthetic appeal is really visible if you take notice of the blackjack gold game. You will see that the design and look of the scene is very luxurious, like the ones in high class and exclusive casinos.

In Baccarat gold, you will find some unique card handling animations to be added. In the land casinos, it is common practice for players handling the different hands in baccarat games to look at them by simply lifting the corner then turning them up. In Baccarat gold, the animation was made more detailed, by creating a similar move to give the player the feeling of being in an actual game. Cards that are being transferred to players also have additional animation with the help of a cursor. When you click the squeeze button, the cards will then be placed in the playing area.

In most land casinos, the players prefer to rotate the cards before taking a look at them. It might be for superstitious beliefs or convenience but now, you can do it on your own in the baccarat gold from online casinos in Canada that use Microgaming. You can simply move the cursor over the cards in order to reveal the arrows. You can click the arrow to change its position. Once you are done, you can take a peek at the card.

There are numerous other features in Baccarat Gold such as the Roadmap and History. The latter one is standard for most Microgaming games and it simply displays the outcomes of all your hands in an organized manner. The blue button with letter P is a mark that the player won with that hand. Red with BV means that the Banker won and green with T means a tie. On the other hand, the roadmap feature is a derivation from the history and it is used to create a more in depth baccarat analysis. There are 4 charts that you can use in the roadmap feature. There is the Big Road, Big Eye Road, Small Road as well as the Cockroach road. Every time the outcome changes, then a new column will be added. This is very helpful in tracking the number of outcomes and how often the same outcome happens. The other 3 roadmaps are best for professionals since they are more complex.

You can find Baccarat Gold in Microgaming online casinos in Canada as well as in other countries like Platinum Play, All Slots and the Royal Vegas.

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