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Charlie rule in Blackjack online

The games that we play at the Canadian online casinos are the standard games that we are normally used to. For example, the blackjack game, poker etc. There are other variants of these games that make the games more and more interesting to a player. In these variants, the rules are changed making it a challenge to win a game. Thus player has to be skillful enough in order to be able to win any game.

One of the rules that are changed is the Charlie Rule. The rule is available in the blackjack variants e.g. Triple Attack Blackjack. The Charlie rule is a general rule that applies to most online casino games. The rules states that if a player has dealt with a particular number of cards without actually busting should be granted as the automatic winner. There are times that the rule is switched and the automatic player loses against the dealer blackjack.

There are certain situations that the Charlie rule might not apply. For example getting four cards without busting is not something that cannot be attained. The rule basically starts with a Five Card Charlie. This is a hand that has got five cards and the value according to the blackjack rules does not exceed 21. The house edge would be decrease the house edge by up to 1.46%. Normally, the blackjack variants have a house edge close to 0.5%. This would mean that the five card rule would bring returns to the player with 100% assurance. The rule is not often in the online casinos as the returns are quite unrealistic. The only time that the Five Card Charlie Rule is offered then there must be extra benefits that would go to the casino.

What is a Seven Card Charlie hand? This refers to the hand that has got seven cards and the total value does not exceed 21. The value decreases the edge of the house by 0.01%. This is quite less to gain from hence considered to be insignificant. The more the cards according to the Charlie Rule would lessen the returns. A player should be skillful enough to target less than 6 cards at hand.

The Six Card Charlie refers to the hand that has got six cards and the total value does not exceed 21. It decreases the house edge by up to 0.16%. The returns that the player can achieve are logical. The casinos in turn get their returns proportionately. Thus the Six Card Charlie Rule is the most applied rule more so in the online Canadian casinos.

The strategy that the Charlie Rule employs is quite similar to the general structure of any type of a normal card. The only difference is that the cards are either marked with 1 or 2. This is not the same with the normal card that is usually marked with “S”. This actually shows that the player at hand should stand. The players and the dealers who have cards which their total values match with the cell labeled 2 shows that the player or the dealer should hit. This possible if they have less than two cards from reaching the Charlie. A player can hit with a Six Card Charlie Rule if they have 4 or 5 cards at hand. This also applies when he/she is on the cell marked “1″.

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