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The “Reel” Online Slots – changes for better game play

It is very common for slot games online to have one set of reels. This means that the same symbols will appear on the reels as it spins in and out. If the players wager for extended periods, then this could b particularly boring and even more if the player cannot make a decent payout. To avoid or minimize the occurrence of redundancy and to extend the playing experience, Canada online casinos and software developers have tried to introduce new innovations for players.

Moonshine SlotOne such unique opportunity for change is the free spins bonus. In numerous slot games online, visual changes are added when the free spin bonus is activated. This could be a change in colour or changing of symbols from light to dark. In some games, the scene of the background changes from day to night or winter to summer with the symbols unchanging. One particular game that adopted such unique feature is the Moonshine slots game from Microgaming. The software provider has taken this to a different level. In the main game, a lady with a double barrel gun, sitting on a rocking chair can be seen. Once the free spins start, the rocking chair falls down and the lady is shown to be somewhat drunk. In the main game also, the police man is seen as prepared and alert while in the free spins he is shown to be tied up by hooch distillers.

The tweaking of the symbols do not really change the gaming experience and does not really do that much in keeping the game interesting. To address this, Playtech has created Kong – The 8thy Wonder of the World, a landmark slot game. This Canada online casino game contains two reel sets in the main game that are linked together intricately. The story revolves around King Kong, the legendary primate discovered at Skull Island by two explorers. The first set of reels is called the Jungle Mode where the reels are themed based on the jungle scene. All elements and video cuts are themed on the jungle. The other mode is the Big City Mode when King Kong has been taken to the city. All symbols and background and video cut is themed after the city. Both sets are different aesthetically but they correspond to each other, just allowing a change in looks as you play the game.

Another popular gaming brand is Rival gaming, highly applauded for the i-Slots. They created “An Switch in Time.” This Canada online casino game contains 3 unique reels that show different periods in time. The story is based on time travel so you can see the time machine as a common symbol for the three unique reels. The first set of reels show the 19th century where items like the gas lamp, pocket watch, table clock and old wine bottles are shown. If all the slots are present on the screen, the players can enjoy the bonus game and explore the prehistoric times. You can see ancient men and prehistoric beasts appropriate for the theme. Another set of reels is the futuristic that includes radar panels, aliens as well as spaceships.

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