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Software talks – Microgaming innovations for the modern players

One of the pioneers in the realm of online casino software is Microgaming. One of the prominent names in the promotion of online casino gaming across the world, Microgaming is still very much alive, shaping the online gaming landscape and offering the best in class in high quality software and online gambling systems for operators. Nowadays, the industry keeps on growing and expanding especially with regards to standardizing regulations in structuring the games for Canadian online casinos and other casinos across the world. With the revitalized website from Microgaming, the software can now handle more than 20 languages and can also handle multiple currency options. Players can move to an alternative language if he prefers.

As stated in their Technology Page, Microgaming aims to make all their software elements linked together. There are three facets in this move. First is the Viper Software that serves as the core for the Microgaming casinos online. It is software that contains the most number of games. It is massive software due to the bulk of games available so it does require a considerably powerful computer to run the program efficiently. As of the moment, it only runs on Windows based computers.

Another element in Microgaming software is the Flash casino. This is compatible with Mac and Windows environments and so it can benefit a larger population of casino players in Canada and the world. The Flash Casino software from Microgaming can target players whose computers are a bit outdated and are running on low memory limitations as well as bandwidths. The games are more limited but they are nonetheless interesting options. A lot of casinos that offer strictly Microgaming software would often include the Viper and Flash Casino software so that clients can opt for application based gaming or in-browser gaming. Both systems include management systems for operators to keep tabs among users.

One of the unique changes for the new decade in the world of Canadian online casino gaming is the rising number of operators that offer games from a wide range of providers, meaning they are non exclusive with a specific casino game provider. This is advantageous to really expand the competition by choosing the best games from select software providers. Due to this trend, Microgaming has extended its hands to help the operators by offering the Extended Third Party Interface. This helps to make games from other providers to be integrated with the Microgaming system in the easiest way possible. Now, independent software developers are now creating games that will work well with the Microgaming ETI.

Aside from allowing developers to create games for Microgaming ETI, the company itself also sees the opportunity to create games for other platforms. To do this, the QuickFire application was created and is currently a huge success to reach out to other casino operators who might want to get some games care of Microgaming. The list of games and platforms are expanding even until today.

One other aspect of Microgaming is that the company is very much open for strategic partnerships for new online casinos in Canada that have just been regulated. Microgaming is definitely a pioneer in embracing the new regulated markets and this could be the start of brand new innovations and the creation of a more interactive gaming industry over the internet.

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