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The Three faces of Isis – The Microgaming Isis Slots

A notable slot game from Microgaming, Isis seems to be a bit unusual since it is available in 3 distinct avatars. Isis serves as a very popular Egyptian theme. She is considered as the goddess of motherhood, fertility and magic. Isis also comes in an animal form, most notably, a bird.

Isis slot gameThe first variant of Isis was in the form of a video slot game with 25 pay lines. The introductory video shows goddess Isis changing into a bird and flying across the mighty Nile River to the Great Pyramids. This variant uses the rich Egyptian symbols with ornate, bright and luxurious colours the players from online slot casinos in Canada can make a bet on this Isis slot game without the need of understanding the mythological relevance of the symbols. Those who prefer to understand them will definitely enjoy this game a lot better. The headdress of Isis serves as one of the symbols with the cow horns and a solar disc.

In this variant, Isis serves as the wild symbol. It is a perfect symbol because the payout is doubled when you hit the symbol and the fixed jackpot is 10,000 coins. The animal representation of Isis serves as the scatter symbol. If five scatter symbols appeared anywhere on the reel, there will be a 600 coin payout and this will be multiplied by the total bet. The scatter symbols can also offer 30 free spins and the payout will be multiplied 6 times.

Mega Moolah Isis slot gameThe second avatar of Isis was released as the fourth slot game to be included in the Microgaming Mega Moolah progressive jackpot network. As part of a new network, this slot game took the name of Mega Moolah Isis. The form and symbols of the game are still the same but there was a slight change in the style of the symbols to make them look a lot more polished, worthy of carrying the top price for the progressive jackpot. The latter one is the main difference of this game from the classic Isis slots game. The Mega Moolah Isis is quintessentially a game that requires you to make wagers and is not available in the free mode. Since this is just one of the numerous games included in the jackpot network, the jackpot can be won by anyone who would like to play the games either from the Mega Moolah Isis or the others. The Mega Moolah begins at 1 million credits. The major progressive starts at 10,000 while the minor starts at 100. The mini is at 10 credits.

Multiplayer Isis slot gameThe biggest Isis avatar from Microgaming is the Multi Player Isis. The symbols on this version are similar to the Mega Moolah Isis symbols but there are differences in the format on how the online casinos Canada players can play them. The slot game has 40 pay lines and is composed of stacked wilds. The Multi Player Isis can be played with several virtual slot rooms with 6 players occupying each room. The players will have their own Isis slot but the screen shows how the other players are going. The chat features allows the players to interact. The players can also get two or even more scatters allowing him to get free spins. The payout will be multiplied by the number of players.

All the avatars of the Isis slots games can be enjoyed at the Microgaming online casinos in Canada like the famous All Slots Casino, our recommended Platinum Play Casino or the All Jackpots Casino.

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