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Playtech Spin A Win – A new game to enjoy

Spin A Win is a unique arcade game created by Playtech. This game resembles roulette hut it has some unique characteristics, especially in the bets that makes it a truly unique and special online casino game in Canada and across the world.

Spin A Win has a central wheel that contains 24 numbers. The players need to place their bets first before the wheel could spin. The numbers that are against the fixed pointer determines the results of the round. Like in the common roulette game, Spin A will include coloured numbers. However, in the Spin A Win version of Playtech, there are 5 different colours Each of the colours will cover a different set of numbers. Compared to roulette, there is no 0 but the payouts are clearly defined in order to create the necessary house edge for the Canada online casino.

Spin A Win

Spin A Win is quintessentially a general term for several types of similar games from Playtech. The layout of the bets is presented around the wheel and you can place your bets by clicking the area that you prefer. Players can make bets on a single number from 1-24.each bet has equal weight and will have a payout of 23.4. One significant feature of the payout is that these include wins as well as the initial bet. The payouts in regular roulette games do not include the original bet since that bet is sent to the player if he wins. The player can choose to bet on specific number sets like 1-8., 9-16 and 17-24. The payout on each is 2.9.

The bets can be placed on number sets of varying colours Of course, since each colour will have a varying number, the payouts will be different on each colour The brown colour contains 7 numbers with a 3.3 payout. Green has 6 numbers with a 3.9 payout. Blue contains 5 numbers with a 4.6 payout. Yellow has 4 numbers with a payout of 5.8. Red has only 2 numbers and the payout is at 11.7. The players can also opt to choose 2 colours for their bets. The payouts will be based on the total amount of numbers that are covered by the colour combination. This bet is named the Last Digit Of. There are 3 numbers that and in 1, as also with 2, 3 and 4. the players can opt to make a bet one set of numbers that end in 1, 2, 3 or 4. the payout will be 7.8.

There is an inner circle in the wheel and 4 bets can be placed inside. Two will be based on odd and even numbers with a payout of 1.9. The other two numbers are based on High Low principles. The bets on this inner circle can be done after the second spin and in the preceding rounds. If the number called is either 1, 2, 23 or 24, then this bet is disabled and pushed for the next round.

For the Spin A Win game, the base bet ranges at $0.10. You can add additional bets in multiples of 0.10. simply by clicking the same area several times until you reached the desired number. Multiple bets for the different betting areas can also be placed. The total of your bet is show at the bottom section of your screen. All the numbers that are covered by various bets will be highlighted on the wheel. This game includes standard features from Playtech such as the Help, Options and history. You can play this game in most Canadian online casinos and other notable casinos like the Noble Casino.

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