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Money talks – the impressive Playtech Jackpot Pool

There are some unique aspects that one can find in the jackpot pool of Playtech. There are about 40 progressive casino games online are part of the pool, which is considerably larger compared to the offerings of most software providers. Off course, there are some games that add up to the volatility of the Playtech jackpot pool. When the jackpots on Canadian online casino games are at their peak at the same time, the jackpot pool of Playtech ranks very high among the rest. Once these jackpots have been hit, all at the same time, then the jackpot pool is the lowest. Another thing that sets the Playtech jackpot pool is that there are numerous other non slots games that are included.

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The core of the Playtech pool of prizes is the online slot game called Beach Life. In this particular progressive slot game, the reset value starts at $50,000 and at one time, it could reach a total of $4 million. This is an indication of the volatility that Playtech has on the jackpot pool. The jackpot can be hit once a player gets 5 wild sun symbols on the 20th pay line. Another major contributor to the jackpot pool is the Gold Rally. Compared to Beach Life, it is not as volatile. The reset value in this game starts at $75,000 while the maximum amount that can be won could reach up to $2 million. A very good addition to the Playtech jackpot pool was the Marvel Movie Superhero slot was included. This has added some additional boost to the company. This is made up of four tiers of progressive jackpot with the Marvel Ultimate Power being the highest tier. The reset value is at $100,000 while the biggest hit could range up to $1.3 million.

As said earlier, it is not just slot games that can be found in the Playtech Jackpot pool in online casinos in Canada. There are also table and card games that are included and they also have progressive jackpots. The most common game played in this category would have to be the progressive blackjack. In this version, the jackpot is considered a hit when the player is given 4 aces in the same suit. Also included in the jackpot pool are to video poker games. Megajacks is one of them. To win the jackpot, the player needs to have a royal flush and must have five coins on the line. The 10-Line Jacks or Better is another jackpot game. Here, you also need a royal flush with 5 coins but only in a specific line. In terms of card games, there is Stravaganza and the Wild Wikings. In the prior game, there is no bust option. This requires a side bet will win if the player is given 3 Kings (Hearts).

The jackpot pool at Playtech contains numerous arcade games that all have progressive jackpots. The jackpot darts is among the most popular in the said category. The jackpot could be won if all the three darts hit the bull’s eye and the player has wagered that it would happen. Another option is the Hi Lo. This is a Hi-Lo game that offers a hit when the player moves forward the 11th level. The jackpot pool also has a scratch card game called the Winners Club. To become eligible, the players would have to get either the Gold or the Platinum scratch card. To win, 3 out of nine symbols should bear the jackpot symbol.

All the games can be played in Canada online casinos that bear the Playtech software like our recommendet Noble Casino!

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