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Fun with Video Poker

Fun with Video Poker
Poker is one of the most popular casino games that are played by many professionals and newcomers each year. It is definitely a global game that is not only popular inside the casinos, but also online. Video poker was a new sensation developed in the 1970′s that enhanced the experience of playing poker and can help anyone new to the game learn how to play. Since the 1970′s video poker has... 

A comparison between online Blackjack and Video Poker

There are several times that we have opted to play either blackjack or video poker. Both games are popular at online casinos and they bring in large amounts of cash to the casinos that host them. There are several similarities and differences that make the two games worth discussing. To begin with, the gameplay as well as the general objectives of the two games are very distinct. For example, in blackjack... 
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