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What the Current OLG Changes Mean for Online Gambling in Canada

Much of the latest information discussed in the press regarding the changes that the Ontario Lotteries and Gaming Corporation are looking to implement in the industry has focused on land based issues, particularly the “will they or won’t they” nature of the plans for a new land based casino in Toronto. However, as our main focus is on online casino gaming in Canada, we have delved a little deeper to see how the proposals are affecting such gaming options in the country.

Naturally, the outcome of any changes to online gambling will affect the majority of our readers. Technically, online gambling remains illegal in the country, although like many other countries around the world, nothing is specifically enforced and no active deterrents are in place, leaving players free to enjoy some of the best online casino experiences around (and you can find some of the very best on our list of recommended online casinos for Canadian players).

However, online gaming is not beyond the scope of the OLG’s efforts, and changes are definitely forthcoming, particularly spurred on by the fact that Canada is perhaps the ideal place for a strong online presence, with vast distances between casinos and the weather often preventing travel altogether. As noted elsewhere on the site, the OLG estimates that players in Ontario alone are spending upwards of $400 million every year at online casinos outside Canada, and 2013 is their opportunity to get some of that money back into the local economy. OLG’s own online lottery platform is expected to be released in full in the fall of this year and it is expected to provide something of a catalyst for improvements in the area.

One of the driving factors is, as always, political. The province of Ontario faces a deficit of around $12 billion, and many in politics see the adoption of a robust online gambling strategy as being the ideal way to offset some of this. OLG’s own operation extends not only to buying lottery tickets, but also playing online casino games both against the house and other players. Projections from OLG indicated that they expect the scheme alone to generate more than $100 million each year, with players attracted to an operation that benefits their local area rather than seeing their losses heading abroad.

As more and more opportunities for online casino gaming in Canada come to light as part of OLG’s plan and others around the country, you can be sure to find the latest information and details right here at Online Casino Canada.

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