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Choosing the Right Online Casino for High Rollers in Canada

The term “high roller” is somewhat flexible, in that there is no set definition as to what one is. Different online casinos no doubt have their own criteria, usually reflected in their bonus schemes. Virtually every single one offer complementary rewards based on a tier system, with players rising through the ranks until they reach the top tier, invariably referred to as VIP or similar terminology. On some casinos, they make it clear that if you reach a certain number of points based on play during a specific time period then you are a VIP, while others are more ambiguous. The chances are that if you happily spend four figure dollar amounts with your favourite online casino every month then they will be more than happy to place you in the upper echelon of their membership base.

GoWild VIP CasinoNaturally, the concept of the high roller is not something that is new to the casino industry as a whole. For as long as land based casinos have existed, they have rewarded their top players in numerous ways to keep them playing whether they are winning or losing. After all, the entire casino business model is based on a house edge that means probability dictates that the house always wins and, over time, the casino can expect to retain a certain percentage of whatever the high roller is betting.

The concept no doubt inspired the VIP schemes that we see online to this very day. The aforementioned VIP schemes and loyalty programs are an easy way for online casinos in Canada to keep track of their players’ activities – all win and loss data needs to be retained as part of the auditing process anyway. It therefore makes sense that these casinos will utilise such data to encourage players to remain on the virtual tables or at the slots. Many casinos streamline the process to the point where a comp point is awarded for each dollar or $10 staked, and rewards are automatically worked out on the server.

Why High Rollers are Always Welcome at Online Casinos

Everybody knows that the more you spend at an online casino, the more you get back, but the reasons for casinos giving away their money bear further explanation. Basically, as we touched on earlier in the article, high rollers are the same as any other player when it comes to the casino itself. Win or lose, each game has a built in edge that serves as the casino’s profit. A slot game with a 98% return to player percentage will result, over time, in the casino receiving 2% of the player’s bankroll. A player that turns over $10,000 in an hour will, statistically, give the casino $200 in that hour. On the other hand, someone who bets a relatively modest $100 in an hour will only be worth $2 an hour to the casino.

It is also generally accepted that high rollers have more money. Of course, different players wager different amounts – some will try to hit it big in fewer hands or spins by betting more on each, but generally high rollers are the kinds of players that will return time and time again as they enjoy the entertainment, regardless of winning or losing. When they are likely to do so, it makes sense for the casino to encourage them to do that at their own casino. - VIP sectionThe Rewards on Offer for High Rollers

Different online casinos have different player retention strategies, but the most commonly found means of rewarding high rollers is giving them more bang for their buck when it comes to converting comp points back into real cash. A real world example is GoWild Casino, one of our most highly recommended operators for players in Canada. All players start to earn points at the same rate: one for every ten coins staked on the slots. At the same time, these points determine their rank within the loyalty scheme, with Platinum being the highest. Upon reaching this rank, they receive two points for the same bet, doubling the value of each reward. Other casinos operate similarly with slight twists, such as offering better conversion rates when converting points back into cash.

Other online casinos offer different rewards altogether, often manually selecting players for some of their best incentives., one of our other recommended casinos for Canadian players, has its own VIP scheme that works in a similar way, with point accrual dictating the player’s VIP level. Different levels, as always, confer different bonuses, but those at the top receive a dedicated support line to a manager, free cash, in their account, increased deposit, withdrawal and table limits and real world prizes.

Other VIP casinos of note are All Slots and All Jackpots. Each has tailored VIP programs to suit members of all budgets. The best advice we can offer is to look through each of the operators mentioned within this article to see which gives the best value based on your own staking plans. The free cash and other rewards can sometimes be the difference between a win and a loss, especially with house edges being as narrow as they are with our recommended operators.

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