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Bally Technologies Increases Foothold in Canada’s Casinos

At the turn of the year, Bally Technologies announced its latest deal as part of its efforts to form an increasingly large footprint at casinos and other land based gambling establishments across Canada. The latest deal is with the government of Saskatchewan, with the company agreeing to provide the area with 650 video lottery terminals to be distributed at venues across the region. Naturally, the agreement is for the very latest technology from Bally, which includes the unique iDeck touch-screen programmable button that can adapt to any game of the player’s choice and offers additional functionality.

Bally Technologies is one of the biggest gambling brands in North America, having been founded in 1968 and boasting revenues just shy of US$1 billion annually over recent years. Their strategy has primarily been based on acquisitions, with the first taking place extremely early in the company’s lifetime, and continuing throughout the 2000s. Their history has seen them own casinos of their own, although they have since returned to their core business of providing slots and other games such as those on order in Saskatchewan.

Their entry into the Canadian gambling market did not begin until surprisingly recently. However, their footprint in the country is growing steadily and they now operate in five different provinces. Unlike their standard acquisition strategy, each of these contracts is based on typical tender processes, where they then proceed to work with other operators that are already prevalent across Canada.

While the details of each contract remain private, Canadian slots and lotteries fans can expect to see more and more of the company over the coming months. With a strong position not only in Saskatchewan but also New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, the company’s reputation in Canada is set to grow immeasurably and many players may well start to see more than just their lottery machines at their local casino.

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