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Lucky Nugget Casino Predicts Mobile Gaming Boom in Canada

Lucky Nugget Casino is one of our favourite online casinos operating in Canada, having featured on our list of recommended online casinos for a long time. It combines everything that the astute Canadian player could want from their gaming experience with excellent promotions and other touches for an all-round enjoyable experience. We also appreciate their work in the industry for the simple fact that they devote more resources than any other operator to market research and establishing trends in the industry. This undoubtedly serves them well, with their data forming a core part of their marketing and expansion strategy. Moreover, their research provides others in the industry with insights as to what to expect from Canada’s online and mobile casino gaming sector over the coming years.

Lucky Nugget MobileThe latest information from Lucky Nugget Casino is that they have established that the worldwide mobile casino gaming market will be worth a stunning $100 billion by 2017, growth fuelled mainly by the scramble within the industry to release first class mobile casino websites, the increasing adoption of smartphones and the proliferation of new and innovative mobile apps.

In purely Canadian terms, 85% of the population owns a cell phone of some description, with 45% of those 26 million people owning what could be considered a smartphone. Lucky Nugget’s research goes on to establish that of these smartphone users, more than half regularly use the internet on their device and more than 85% download apps. It is no surprise that the majority of these app downloads are games in one form or another, in line with international trends.

To put the $100 billion figure into perspective, different nations are growing at different rates in terms of smartphone penetration. With nearly half of Canada’s mobile using population owning a smartphone already, this means that the country is at the forefront of smartphone ownership. Devices are naturally phased out as contracts become due for renewal and devices simply break and need replacement, and so it is more than likely that this percentage will increase greatly by Lucky Nugget’s target of 2017. At the same time, some regions, such as Asia, have not yet adopted smartphones at anywhere near the same rate, with the WAP protocol still responsible for the vast majority of mobile internet traffic.

Simply put, this means that a significant chunk of this predicted revenue for the industry will come from Canada, meaning that the country will likely become the target of increased promotional efforts from international operators. The likes of All Slots and Platinum Play already offer excellent mobile casino experiences, but many of our recommended casinos are still finding their feet in the mobile space. The fact that casino brands are now also free to list real money casino games on both the Android and Apple app stores means that more and more potential mobile players in Canada are likely to become exposed to new options.

For current mobile players, this is great news indeed. Competition in the online casino space drives operators to offer increasingly generous welcome bonuses and other promotions, which overall means more cash in the pockets of players. While the mobile industry is still maturing in this regard, players can expect the same sort of competition among operators as they enter the sector, resulting in wider game choice and more mobile dollars for savvy players.

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