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Vanilla pre-paid card big hit with Canadian players

Providing as many payment options for deposits and withdrawals as possible has panned out nicely for online and mobile casinos; in fact, it is almost a requirement for successful operation. A casino that offers a wide range of payment methods invariably appeals to a much wider demographic of potential players than an establishment whose options are very restricted. Furthermore, banking must be safe, fast and reliable. Rejected deposit attempts are a no-no.

All Slots accepts Vanilla cardIn a further move to improve its already very good customer service, renowned All Slots Casino (both the regular online and mobile outfits) has recently introduced its Vanilla pre-paid card in cooperation with Visa and MasterCard. The premise is that depositing funds with this card is simple and that rejected transactions are guaranteed to be a thing of the past.

For some reason the Vanilla card seems to have particularly caught on with Canadian players, but it is expected that players in other countries will follow suit once the word spreads. To attract customers to the card, All Slots Casino currently offers a 100% match bonus of up to $200 on the first deposit handled through Vanilla. The card can be loaded with a minimum of $25 up to a maximum of $250, but it makes of course sense to initially load it with $200 in order to enjoy the full match bonus.

All Slots Casino also has added the Vanilla pre-paid card to its roster of preferred payment methods, which effectively means that players receive an additional bonus of 10% on every single deposit made through the card. According to All Slots Casino, this bonus will be granted indefinitely and is thus a great incentive to apply for the card and use it as standard deposit method.

The card can be purchased like any regular pre-paid card and is then loaded with the desired initial amount. Once issued, the Vanilla card information submitted to All Slots Casino’s cashier, where it is safely stored for future use. The card is also a great option for players in countries where other banking methods are less reliable or awkward.

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