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Online slots based on circus themes

The circus games were very attracting when we had the time to go and watch them perform live. The young generations do not know the true value of circus and the entertainment that we can derive from it. In order to bring back the value of circus to our lives, the software developers have brought in the online casino games with circus being part of the most common games to play. Circus themed online games are mostly released by the Microgaming software providers.

Big Top slot

One of the circus themed slot games is the Big Top. It is from the Microgaming software providers. The symbols that are used in the game are Clown, Elephant, Seal, Ringmaster etc. The highest payout is 5000 coins and it can be achieved through the Big Top Logo. The wild symbol in the game is the Wild Clown while the Monkey is the scatter symbol. In this game there are no free spins and bonuses that a player can get.

Another online slot game that is circus themed is the Flying Circus. It is also from the Microgaming. The symbols that are used in the game are in accordance with the theme of the game i.e. circus events. Some of the symbols include: Lion, Girl, Elephant, Big Top and the Girl. The scatter symbol of the game is the Clown while to Ringmaster is the wild symbol. This game has got 20 paylines and the Ringmaster offers the highest jackpot. In this game there are free spins that are awarded.

Grand Circus slotA 20 payline video slot game that is also circus themed is the Grand Circus. This game has got more features as compared to the above mentioned circus games. the game clearly portrays the features of the circus game due to the many thematic symbols including: Clown, Elephant, Bear riding a Bike, Donkey, Juggler, Clown Car, Refreshments etc. Unlike other games, there are no wild symbols but there are 3 scatter symbols. There are free 20 spins that are awarded in the bonus spins category. During the bonus game, there are 6 bears that appear on the screen walking high on a tight rope. Among the 6 bears a player is required to choose three in order to reveal prizes.

Rival Gaming released The 5 Reel Circus as their online slot game. The symbols that the game has are more interesting than those of other circus themed games. The symbols are Break Dancer, Bearded Woman and the Contortionist. The other symbols are common just like the other circus themed games that have been mentioned earlier. There are 10 free spins that are awarded. The multiplier symbol is the Break Dancer.

One of the best circus themed slot games that I know about is the Circus of Cash. It involves the most popular circus events. The fire breather blows fire on the reels which turn up to three reels all having the wild symbols. This mainly occurs in the Fire Breather bonus game. Other bonus games are Lion Tamer and Rampaging Elephant bonus. The second screen also has got other bonus games. They are played inside a caravan hence the name Caravan Slide Shows. A player is required to choose one of the strongmen in the Strongman Contest. The payout to the player would be increased if the strongmen hold the weights for a long time. Knife Thrower and the Bearded Lady are the bonus games not mentioned.

The above Microgaming circus themed related games can be played at Canadian online casinos.

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