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Olympic themed online slots

If you love the Olympic Games you might as well want to enjoy the same thrill on online slots as well. These days online casinos are based on all imaginable themes and the Olympics are no alien to it either. This is the biggest fun involved in online casinos all around. They are based on literally any theme and cater to all kinds of people and all kinds of tastes. With the Olympics being such a huge event and its upcoming opening night in London, you might be craving some Olympic fun in your online slot machines.

Winter Gold SlotConsidering this new found passion of people, Microgaming decided to launch a new online slot game that is called Winter Gold. It is based on the Winter Olympics theme that took place in February 2012 in Vancouver. The main feature of this game is the biggest four games of the winter Olympics, ski jumping, biathlon, bob sleigh, and speed skating. You will come across several bonus games that will appear on the second screen. These bonus games feature added audio and visual representation that is very realistic giving you a true gaming experience. This is why all winter Olympic fans absolutely love the Olympic themed online slot games. Winter gold is no exception to this genre. It is a must try out by all fans.

Medal Tally SlotThe previous summer Olympics that were held in the year 2008 also has some online slot games based on similar themes. Out of all of those games, Medal Tally was one of the most loved games. This game became especially popular in Canadian Casinos. It features several great sports like cycling, athletics, and swimming which appeared as the symbols on reels spun. The wild symbols are the bronze, silver, and gold medals. If you get a tally of any of these medals it will be awarded with a bonus prize which is calculated based on the number of medals you have won.


Center Court SlotThe list of Olympic based theme games is simply limitless. There are thousands of games for sports fans who can scroll through the list of available games and choose the sport they love the most. Wimbledon is a yearly tournament and Microgaming also launched a game based on this theme called Centre Court. This is a popular game for all tennis fans and it features all those lush green courts with symbols like the trophy, tennis balls, and famous tennis players. The world cup football final is also a spectacular event for sports lovers and is featured in several online slot machine games. You can find literally any kind of game of your choice in the online casinos spread all over the world and simply log into the Olympics category to enjoy your passion, have fun, all while winning unlimited cash and not to forget risking some of it too. But that is the main thrill that people enjoy when they go into casinos. The whole gamble is such a fun experience even if you do not win anything you won’t regret your experience.

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