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Some Playtech slots that are mostly ignored

Playtech continues to boom in the gaming industry and it is one of the leading software providers. It has been releasing new games from time to time as the technology advances. Due to this, the players find themselves playing the most recent games and leaving behind the old ones. Despite the fact that the new games are better the old games are also worth playing since they have something special behind them. In this article we discuss the old games that can be played at online casinos e.g. Noble Casino. Canadian casinos would also offer these types of game slots.

Chinese Kitchen slot

One of the creations of the Playtech is the 8 payline slot game. In this category, there are no games that come up are new hence the old games need to be kept alive. One of the games in this category is the Chinese Kitchen. The symbols in the game appear in matrix form i.e. 3 by 3 matrix. The paylines in turn run across the matrix either horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Some of the symbols that are in the Chinese Kitchen game are basically food ingredients that are used in cooking including: duck, frog, fish, snail, turtle, starfish etc. Chinese Kitchen is an old game that will interest its players even without the bonuses and the payouts. Remember old is gold.

Another Playtech creation that is ignored by most players is the Fairy Magic. The scatter symbol here is the tree house with the wild symbol being the unicorn. The fairy is the symbol that represents bonus. Other symbols that are in the game include: mushrooms, daffodil, squirrel and gnome. Clever animations are incorporated in the fairy and unicorn symbols. The fairy in the game drops a star below the reel in which she appears. When the stars that are dropped are four and above, the players are awarded bonuses. The bonus that is awarded is four times the bet that had been placed with 5 additional free spins. If it occurs that the fairy appears during the free spins then there would be additional 5 spins for a player.

An Olympics theme related game that has gone undercover is the Golden Games. Players normally rejuvenate their interests during the Olympics championships. This means that the game would be dormant for four years waiting for the Olympics season. This should not be the case. The game begins with an Olympic related celebrations at the introductory clip; fireworks and loud cheering by individuals. The wild symbol here is the gold medal as the discuss thrower takes up the scatter symbol. Doubled payouts as well as free spins are awarded by the Olympic torch. Other common symbols in the game include a stop watch, tennis racket, weights and basketball.

One of the best games that the Playtech software providers have ever released is the Thrill Seekers. It is ironic that the game is normally not in the list of the frequently played games weekly or monthly. The game has got a lot of animations and stunning colors that create amusement to the players. Is has got an amusement park that covers the background to the reels. The paylines in the Thrill Seekers amount to 50 and the symbols are arranged in four rows diagonal to the reels. Some of the symbols that are included in the game are rides e.g. roller coaster, a pirate ship etc. Others are treats e.g. pop corns, ice creams, cold drinks, candies etc. In this game, the joker is the wild symbol while the attraction ticket is the scatter symbol.

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