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Are there Cryptologic online slots that are ignored?

There are several online casino games that usually go unnoticed. They are excellent slot games but the players often fail to notice them. Thus we take time to describe them to you so that the next time you are playing the online casino games you can try them out and have some fun. Most of the games that are ignored are from the software providers Cryptologic. Cryptologic normally license some online slot games to several platforms including Marvel Comics and the DC Comics.

Most movies and novels normally revolve around private detective themes which make them interesting to watch and to read respectively. Dick Danger Private is a game from the Cryptologic software providers. The game is a private detective theme game that has excellent graphics. The game incorporates several private detective symbols e.g. trench coat, hat etc. the wild symbol here is the Private Eyeball. The rouge gallery has got mafia bosses with egg head, fish head, and a mug head. The only character that has got a human face is the vamp. She is a smoker that uses the common long cigarette holder. Private detective accessories have been used mostly in the game. Some of the accessories used include: magnifying glass, handcuffs, cameras etc. bonuses are triggered by the Private Eyeball on the second screen. There is a building that has got 15 windows and the player is required to pick 6 of them in order to expose the suspects hidden. The door would open to expose the offender. One would be awarded with prizes if the suspects exposed appear to be the same three times in a row. The payout would be tripled if the suspect is the culprit that is wanted.

There are several slot games that we have played which focus on the past, some on the future and there are a few on time travel. Cryptologic providers released the Time Machine game that is a time travel themed game. The symbols in this game are animated to create good impressions to the players. Dr. What is the wild symbol and he is also the time traveler. The highest jackpot that can be won in the game is 10000 coins. The traveler is transported through time and this feature is animated properly to the extent that one can see that Dr. What is surprised when he lands in a different time? The scatter symbol represents the wormhole. Wormholes occur as a result of the connection between two black holes and the scientist say that the time traveler can only exist through the wormholes. The wormholes are animated in the game to be sucking everything into it. Thus it is the time machine in the Cryptologic Time Machine. There are different symbols that are placed to represent different timings that Dr. What goes through. Some of the symbols include: dinosaur- which depicts the Jurassic age, the white knight-the medieval era, Sphinx head- from ancient Egypt, robot and the dandy Victorian couple- to represent the future. A player can be able to get 15 free spins with payouts being doubled.

Another ignored game from the Cryptologic software providers is the Computer Rage. This game focuses on the sorrow that was felt when the businesses stopped using papers to electronic use. There is a smashed computer that depicts the nuisance of someone not being able to have things done by using unfamiliar system. This means that work would be piling up in the undone tray waiting to be dealt with. The boss is the wild symbol in this game. he is also responsible for offering the jackpot. The office girl gets angry and tears her hair since she cannot be able to meet the boss’s expectations. There are two games involved here, one is the Smashed Computer feature and the other is the Computer Rage feature.

These ignored games can be played at Cryptologic online casinos including VIP Casino and InterCasino. Additionally, they can be played at Canadian online casinos.

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