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A comparison between online Blackjack and Video Poker

There are several times that we have opted to play either blackjack or video poker. Both games are popular at online casinos and they bring in large amounts of cash to the casinos that host them. There are several similarities and differences that make the two games worth discussing. To begin with, the gameplay as well as the general objectives of the two games are very distinct. For example, in blackjack a player has to prevent himself from busting and still beat the dealer while in video poker the final hand of the player is compared to a payout table. The timings of evolving of the two games are also different as the blackjack has always been there for more than 500 years now. Video poker just came in 100 years ago.

Why do you think that the two games are very popular both to the players as well as the online casinos? Both games guarantee high returns to a skillful player which means that the overall returns would also go to the casinos. Research shows that the returns could be up to 99.5%. Compare this to European Roulette which offers approximately 97.3% returns. Online slots on the other hand also offer nearly 95% of returns. This is clear that the blackjack and the video poker are quite profitable that most online casino games. The only problem is that the gaining of the returns is conditional unlike the slot games where the returns are guaranteed. One has to be really skilful to get the maximum returns otherwise they would be as low as 90%.

Ever since people started playing the blackjack and the video poker, they have since then been known to be games of great skill. The skills are quite complex to master but fortunately enough they have been codified for easy implementation. Strategy cards in blackjack are part of the means of ensuring that the skills are easy to implement. In order to ensure that the players do not make mistakes, Auto Play is facilitated by several software providers e.g. Microgaming.

The strategy of the video poker game is brought about in a series of choices that a player can follow. When this strategy is compared to the strategy that is being used in the blackjack, it is not quite convenient. The choosing would be most appropriate if a player can memorize the cards. Video poker players must learn the general strategy of the game. This is because the software providers have not put in place optimum strategy for the game. Software providers mark the cards that would be held in the game in order to form the perfect combination of wining. If this was included in optimum strategy it would be dangerous as well as displaying that a player is inexperienced.

The payout ratios of the blackjack and the video poker are quite different. When the games are played on land, the payout for the blackjack goes by 3 to 2 of the video poker. Thus when one wins blackjack it would be much profitable than wining video poker.

Beginning with even money is one of the features of video poker but this could change when one plays in the top payouts. The payout for a royal flush in blackjack would be 800 times as much when compared to that of video poker. Straight and flush payout range at 4 to 1 and 6 to 1 for the blackjack and the video poker respectively this shows that big wins can also be experienced in the video poker game.

In conclusion, the returns of the blackjack would cycle around 99.5%. Most of the players would be making most profits if they played their cards well and some would not get maximum returns depending on how they play. Thus the returns also depend on a player’s skills. The returns from video poker would also be close to 99.5% but the difference above and below this level would be greater. Therefore playing this game would be more of taking risks of wining.

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